Although asbestos was fully banned in December 2003, the effect of its massive use in the past continues to the present times. Many houses were left with this deadly material. Older buildings built in the middle of 1980s until the end of 1990 has a high possibility of containing asbestos. The building that is relatively safe from the effect of asbestos is those that were built after 1990.

The asbestos-containing material was not found only in houses. Even schools were also affected. According to the article from The Advertiser, the substance was found in many schools. There were 55 schools in South Australia identified to be contaminated by this life-threatening material. Those schools are on the register of the government building with the second-worst asbestos contamination that can cause cancer.

The register shows that 149 areas in those 55 schools have the so-called type 2 contamination and there are 64 contaminated areas found in 14 hospitals. Other sites with that are also affected besides hospitals and schools that are contaminated by type 2 asbestos, including, libraries, government offices and national parks.

The number of victims of this hazardous substance is increasing annually. Approximately there are 700 people died from diseases related to asbestos in Australia each year. The effect of the first exposure takes about 10 to 20 years to develop and be found in human’s body.

Although it was considered illegal to store, import, sell, supply, use, re-use or install asbestos-containing material, the substance is still possible to be found in recent buildings. It was discovered that the source of this material was sent from China and have been found on buildings in cities such as Adelaide and Brisbane.

Asbestos in the school

With the fact that many older buildings in Adelaide contain this material, asbestos removal has become urgent needs to the owners. There are certain regulations applied to the owners of building with asbestos. It becomes the responsibility of building owners to manage the material installed. Therefore, for those who wish to renovate their houses or buildings or undertake any activities involving damaging or destructing the material, they have to make sure that neither the building or houses are free from asbestos.

Considering the serious risk that it has, it is very important to engage an expert in dealing with this substance. The qualified experts are those who have been particularly trained to do safe removal and disposal that comply with the regulations.

Some people prefer Do-It-Yourself for asbestos removal, but it is not strongly recommended because a wrong action will lead to a serious threat not only to the occupiers of the building but also the surrounding environment.

Because of its dangerous nature of these materials, asbestos removal in Adelaide becomes a requirement every time you have a plan to renovate or demolish older buildings to make sure that the health risk is well-controlled. To be able to get involved in the removal project, the companies have to own accreditation to perform inspection, surveys, monitoring and also the removal itself. All the actions need to be done properly.

If you are seeking for asbestos removal in Adelaide, you need to find trusted and experienced company. There are many removalist contractors that have a licence to handle the removal project. Whether it is destruction services or pool mine, you can expect to find providers that available of doing the job. The asbestos removal business provides services for residential buildings, industrial or commercial premises, factories, industry or store. They are qualified to perform all types of demolition and excavation in Sidney.

Do you need ceiling asbestos removal?

Before removing asbestos from your ceiling, the expert from the company you hired will examine the ceiling for any big or loose-fill synthetic stone fibre. These are protective measures that need to be taken for your safety and security.

You see, asbestos can also be found on the wall, such as wall sheeting and cladding. The asbestos removalist will check to inspect the presence of asbestos cement sheeting at the back of the wall with ceramic tiles. Sometimes, there might be asbestos in cement backed artificial wall cladding. Asbestos removal service in Adelaide will search for all those things before undertaking the removal work.

Apart from the wall, ceiling, and bonded asbestos removal service, the removalist contractors also provide extra services such as asbestos pipe removal. They too can remove asbestos found in the flooring. They will thoroughly inspect the floor tiles for asbestos back vinyl floor cover.

When the removal has been completed, another worker will come to do a complete inspection to ensure that everything has been removed and nothing is left. The worker also makes sure that there is no dust or debris as the excess of the removal project that has not been thoroughly removed. Only after the final check, the building is considered clean to be used. When you have removed all the dangerous material from your building, you can do anything to your property. You can either rent or sell it. It might sound like a long procedure, but all of these measures must be taken to make sure that you and your family is safe and secure.